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National Standard


Our stainless steel casting screwed fittings can be manufactured according to national standard and customers' requirements, such as ISO4144, MSS SP-114, GB/T26120, etc.



This Series of products are used for ordinary piping for steam, air, water, oil, gas(except flammable or toxic gas).


2.Pressure-temperature ratings


Temperature℃            -20-40            100          150          200          220   

Non-shock maximum                             2              1.65          1.5            1.4           1.35

working pressureMpa 


3.Material Standard



Nation            GB                       JIS                 KS               DIN               ASTM

 Steel         ZG07cr19Ni9        SCS13A    SCS13A     1.4308      CF8CF8M

                ZG07Cr19Ni11Mo2   SCS14A       SCS14A         1.4408

Standard      GB/T2100            JIS G5121     KS D4103    DIN17445      ASTM A351



Nation                GB                                          JIS                               KS                           DIN                  ASTM

 Steel      06Cr19Ni10022Cr19Ni10            SUS304TPSUS304LTP    SUS304TPSUS304LTP    1.43011.4307      TP304TP304L

             06Cr17Ni12Mo2022Cr17Ni12Mo2    SUS316TPSUS316LTP    SUS316TPSUS316LTP    1.44011.4404     TP316TP316L

Standard         GB/T14976                                     JISG3459                                                                 DIN17456         ASTM A351



4.Thread Standard


Nation           GB                   JIS             KS           DIN               BS                ASTM

 Thread    RRcRpG     PTPF      PTPF      RRp      BSPTBSPP     NPTNPSC

Standard     GB/T7306            JISB0203      KS B0221    DIN2999              BS21         ANSI/ASME B1.20.1

                   GB/T7307        JIS B0202   KS B0222   


5. Notice

aBefore installation, please confirm that the material, thread and pressure of the product conform to the

     standard, whether it is in conformity with the installation environment or regulations in order to avoid a 

     safety accident.

bBefore installation, please check whether the product is clean, so as to prevent the foreign objects from 

     falling into the pipe or attaching to thread.

cIf sealant is used for sealing, please note that do not let it get into the pipe when installing.

dSelect the correct wrench when installing in order to prevent deformation or damage to the pipe fittings.