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LEADTEK strictly control every details of production, including the purchase of raw materials, design, shell making, casting, CNC processing. The whole process takes inspection with many times to ensure the high quality. LEATEK has established a quality-first management team.


Design and Development

Engineers design 3D drawings, manufacturing locations and related technical conditions based on product requirements and Uses.


Mold Making

Silica Sol Technology is the shell manufacturing process without chemical hardening and air pollution.  The temperature, humidity and air velocity must be strictly controlled during the drying process. In our shell making workshop, we keep the temperature at 22-25 , the humidity at 45%-65%, and the ventilation in good condition. Medium Temperature Lost Wax Casting can ensure the consistency of casting size.


Melting and Pouring

Investment precision casting is a technology to get the casting fittings, puring molten metal into the roasting mold under the high temperature. The size accuracy and surface finish are higher than those of other casting methods. It can make mass production, ensure the consistency of the casting, and also can avoid the stress concentration of residual knife pattern after machining.


CNC Manufacturing

CNC manufacturing can make sure stable machining quality, high machining accuracy and high repetition accuracy to improve production efficiency.



During the whole production process, it need to pass more than 5 times of inspection, including wax mold inspection, Inspection after the lost pattern casting, semi-finished product inspection, thread inspection, finished product inspection and so on.